Monday, December 17, 2007

And so it begins...

So last Saturday, the 8th, we finally got enough snow to go skiing! My friends up at Sundance told me that even the Wednesday before the back mountain was completely bare with no snow. A huge storm rolled in over the weekend so some friends from work and I headed up early Saturday morning. We ended up waiting in line for two hours because overnight a tree had fallen on the lift and derailed it. When it did open we were about the 6th chair up but they hadn't yet opened the back mountain. As we neared the summit where others were getting off they announced that they had opened it so we were the second chair up. Our first run of the day we were skiing fresh tracks in about 3 feet of powder all the way down Bishop's Bowl. Here I am loving life:

I was so anxious to start the season and when it finally came it was one of the better ski days I've had. The resort was empty because most people weren't expecting the snow so we were skiing fresh tracks all day long. Here's Brian loving life as well:

We went again this last Saturday and with the 5 or 6 new inches of snow the conditions were perfect again. A great way to start the season.

Monday, December 3, 2007

I got my wish

The snow this weekend was beautiful! It finally feels like winter is here. Sorry to all of you that don't like the snow...

This is Dave and Ella playing in the snow Saturday morning. It snowed all day Saturday and we ended up getting about 4-5".

Baby News:

So today I'm 20 weeks along, half way there!!! Its really exciting and kind of frightening. Just 20 more weeks and we'll have our little bundle of joy. :) Here are some updates or observations i've made in the last few weeks...

- I'm starting to look pregnant, kind of. There still quite a few people at work that haven't heard the news and I think right now they're trying to figure it out. People look at me and then look at my belly and then at me. They don't say anything, they dare not ask, but by the expression on their face they're pretty much asking. I want to say "By the way, I AM pregnant" just so they don't have to wonder.

- I've started to feel the baby kick! Its sooo cool! It's very subtle and at first I only felt it every few days, but now its starting to be more consistent. At first he only kicked me on the right side of my belly button but now he's kicking on both sides.

- In the last week I've noticed that I can't quite bend over because there's something there. And it's not moving.

- Maternity jeans fit a million times better when you get big enough to wear them. Thank goodness!

I'll upload a belly picture soon! Here's a link to what's happening with the baby this week: