Friday, October 29, 2010

sneak peak at tomorrow's action...

Friday, October 22, 2010

Picture's only....well mostly.

Can you guess where we've been the last two weeks?

And by the way, aren't my kids so darn adorable?

Dinner is always rather exciting these days. Ruby can't stand to miss out on the event so she's usually perched on the table in her bumbo, or on me or Dave's laps. Sol is all over the place. He stands on his char, he jumps in his chair. He tries to dish up more food. He tries to grab the salt, cries for the salt, tries to get the ice cubes out of my drink and then dad's drink. He slips ella some food, tries to feed us his food. And occasionally he'll take a few bites himself. Its crazy but fun. I like my family.

Oh, and we've been in Wyoming and Colorado visiting my parents and sister's fam. We had a ball!

guess who I ran into at TJ Maxx...

Well it was acutally just the dude and his first wife. They got in line behind me. I did a double take.

They were super nice, very sweet and charismatic. I asked them about doing the Oprah show mainly. They were happy to share. They seemed very normal. I found myself thinking "Who cares that you have 4 wives. If that's how you all like it then go right ahead."

Okay, I still think its bizarre. But kudos to them for being so darn nice and approachable.