Tuesday, January 11, 2011


11 Things I Love about Dave cause it's his birthday.

1. He has a very sexy voice.
2. He's funny.
3. He thinks I'm funny.
4. He kills all spiders and other intruders for me.
5. He figures out computer and gadget stuff so I don't have to.
6. He takes care of our family, goes to work every day without complaint, and provides a very nice life for us.
7. He's an awesome dad. Builds forts, plays hide and seek, read's stories.
8. He has cute feet.
9. He's up for anything, he loves to play.
10. He's creative and artistic.
11. He is compassionate towards people I would typically judge or ignore.

Okay, now I'm on a roll...

12. He knows a lot about a lot of stuff and likes to tell me about it.
13. He was the first boy to tell me he 'loked' me.
14. We have the same sense of humor.
15. He likes to dance and he's got a great butt for it.
16. He doesn't tickle me much because I get violent, but he doesn't get violent when I tickle him.
17. He is a true yellow, he lives for fun.
18. He helps me to remember to have fun.
19. He's by best friend in the whole world.

11 Things I love about myself cause it's my birthday. (my sis helped me with these)

1. I'm left handed.
2. My elbows are double jointed.
3. I have 3 birthmarks.
4. I teach piano to cute little kids.
5. My favorite cd when I was 11 was Queen.
6. I'm pretty awesome...
7. I wore denim shirts in jr. high to 'dress up.'
8. I had triangle hair with large purple glasses in 3rd and 4th grade.
9. Stake dance limbo champ.
10. I can talk with a lisp pretty well.
11. My birthday is 1.11.11

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Never convenient

I wrote this about a week ago but didn't get it posted:

Last week Dave took me to an Instacare for a wicked sinus infection where I saw Dr. Abujabi (something like that). He was the most upbeat, chipper, positive doc I think I've ever seen. It probably would have been annoying but I felt miserable so I kind of liked it. I mentioned to Dr. Sunshine that being this sick was not 'convenient' while I had two small children. He stopped, looked at me, with a smile on his face, and said in so many words:

"It's never convenient. Nothing is ever convenient. When you have children nothing is convenient. Most days are hard, most days are bad. But you have each other and you have food on your table and so you have everything. You see people who have everything, big house, lots of things, and they're not happy because nothing is convenient. They never have everything they need. It's never convenient, but you have everything."

We both really needed to hear that. I keep thinking about him, I feel like he was an angel sent from God. I kind of wanted to ask him to be my therapist. Anyway, I thought I'd share...

Life has been inconvenient lately, we have all been in survival mode and so those less important things have fallen by the wayside. In some ways it has been nice to only focus on the basics.


We had a great Christmas with my family in Wyoming. Sol and cousin Madelyn were inseparable little buddies. They play so well together, we love watching them. Ruby was kissed till her fat little cheeks were raw. She particularly took a liking to her Grandpa and at times preferred him over anyone else, even mom. I can relate, I was always a Daddy's girl. We had a great improve Nativity pageant complete with the three 'wise guys.' We enjoyed good food and great company. Once we got home we enjoyed trading gifts and partying with Dave's fam. So illness' aside we were reminded this Christmas how many gifts we've been given. Family. Friends. Children. Love. And of course the gift of our Savior. We have it all.

The Fam sans Monroe.

The Holy couple on the Holy Donkey. Joseph got to ride.
Our sheep.

The Nativity.

Surprise visit from Santa!

Upon seeing Santa, Sol immediately went to the tree, grabbed a present and started to open. I guess Santa=presents.

Christmas Morning! Ruby's haul.

Sol's haul.

I got Dave a very expensive little cable for his car. I knew he'd know exactly what it was so I wrapped it in what I call "The Love Bomb". I basically duct tapped all kinds of random junk to the outside of the box using nearly an entire roll of duct tape. I then wrapped the love bomb in several strands of broken Christmas lights.
It was awesome.

Sol got a train table! G&G know how to spoil.

Ruby has decided she LOVEs to eat! She actually grabs the spoon and pulls it into her mouth all herself. She gets angry if you don't let her help or if you don't reload the spoon quick enough.

Grandpa's Girl.

Grandma Cook with the girls, Sarah and Ruby.