Sunday, March 28, 2010

girl. ...I mean GIRL!

That's right! Baby is a girl! We're so very excited. I've felt very strongly all along that this baby is a girl but I knew it could just be hormones. I'd be just as excited about a little boy and probably a lot less nervous. Girl is uncharted territory for me. I love little boys, they are so much fun and in many ways they are so easy. So I know this little rose petal will be a new challenge for all of us. But we couldn't be happier!

Sol came to the ultra sound appointment. I expected him to be bored in after a few minutes of the fuzzy, grainy video but he was as mesmerized as we were by seeing our dear little peanut on the tv. She looked beautiful. Sol kept saying "Baby?" over and over and pointing to the screen. Once we learned she was a girl and told him it was his sister he kept saying "Sister? Sister?" and pointing to the screen. It was so awesome. Its incredible to make a family 'where there once was none.'

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


We've survived our 3rd and hopefully final move (for a long while at least). I love our new home! The neighborhood is amazing, everyone is so friendly already. We're still dealing with boxes and getting things in order, which I'm sure will take a while.

So amidst all the "excitement" (I'm tired of calling it craziness) of moving I've fallen behind on some blogging. I'm going to start with just a bit at a time.

A couple weeks ago Daddy sluffed work for a few hours and accompanied Sol and me to the aquarium in Sandy. Its no Sea World, but its great for a kids Sol's age. We made it through all the exibits about the time he was done. Perfect! Here are some pics. Enjoy!

Studying the Jellyfish

"Shish, shish, shish" (fish) Sol said over and over

The Octopus or "Oposus" and Sol calls it. Yuck.

Harassing the Sting rays

We all had fun!