Thursday, June 24, 2010

5 Years

5 years ago yesterday I woke up at 5:00 am. I showered, shaved my legs, carefully put on my makeup, had my hair curled. I rode with my parents to the Salt Lake Temple where I met Dave and married him for forever. I was nervous, I was excited, I knew I loved Dave but I also knew that marriage was hard and life didn't make it easy. But I knew I loved Dave. I knew he was my very best friend above everything else. I knew he loved me and wanted me to be happy more than anything. I trusted him with everything. And so I decided that morning to never look back, to dive in with my everything, my whole heart, my whole head. He was mine and I was his forever. And with that decision came peace. Sweet peace. And that peace has been the biggest blessing of my life. It's never left. With Dave I'm home.

Yesterday marked our 5 year anniversary. With our current circumstances (just bought a house and a lawn mower and all those fun home owner things you get to buy when you have a house AND I'm 8.5 months pregnant) we didn't plan anything too grand to celebrate. We got a babysitter. A good one who loves sol and makes dinner and cleans up after herself. She's awesome. We drove up to Park City to our favorite restaurant, Ruths Chris, and ate on their back deck. The temperature was perfect. The view was beautiful. And the food, oh so good.

On the drive up to Park City Dave gave me my anniversary present. He'd been working on it late nights for the last few days at a friends house. I had no idea what it was, who he was working on it with or what it was. I kept joking he was getting a tattoo of my face on his hiney. I would have been okay with that. :)

He turned on a CD and it started to play. Guitar....okay...then the voice. It was him! He gave me my own song that he recorded professionally! My heart melted into a puddle on the floor. I was so in shock at the present and amazed at how good he sounded. This isn't something he's done before or even mentioned. I knew he played the guitar and sang but its totally just a hobby. And compared to his other hobbies it took a back seat. So my heart just melted. You can listen to the song here. And Dave played/sang every part you hear:

And then the next song came on. It's a song he recorded for Solomon. We love the lyrics to this song. If you have boys or just kids for that matter I think you'll understand. Notice he changes the lyrics at the end to make the song especially Sol's.

I'm so in love with this man.

Here's some of my favorite pics from the last 6 years (5+ dating).

Monday, June 21, 2010

Last saturday, much to everyone's surprise, I announced I wanted to do something FUN instead of work all day. I've been in that crazy nesting stage where I feel the intense need to make sure everything is ready for the baby. This usually includes yard work, painting, organizing,etc. . All of Dave's favorite things. :) Maybe thats wearing off because I realized this week that we'll have just a few weekends where we could be having FUN as a family of 3 before baby makes us 4. And lets be honest, newborns aren't exactly FUN. Sweet, yummy smelling, and fuzzy, but not FUN.

So we headed off to the Lindon city pool. This pool was awesome. Sol, ready for pool FUN.

Sol enthusiastically marching toward the FUN. This pool is awesome. See the lazy river?
Daddy and Sol, both so good lookin!Love this pic...

I'm so glad we took a saturday to have FUN. We need to do this more often!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What's been going on, really.

So instead of the fluffy post about what magical memories we've been creating I thought I'd write a post about what's really up. Besides all the magical memories. If you'd like to look through some pics of the last month you can click here. Otherwise, read on for the real update.
I think we've arrived at 2. Sol is changing so quickly, daily we are amazed/baffled/trying to keep up. Sometimes I think we have the 'deer in headlights' look (like this)

(Deb - do you think he gets it from me? :))

as sol whips out a new one for us to try to tackle.

Like running away from me in public. It's really cute. Really, I feel so cool as I waddle/run-waddle my 7 month prego booty around the store trying to catch my little turkey. I think its time to get the monkey leash out. Judge me all you want on-lookers. At least he's tethered.

Or yesterday for example when we had to run to the store and he insisted that "Solomon Drive!" I let him sit in the front seat for a minute to pretend. I even let him hold the keys. But he looked at me like, "Are you kidding mom? You hop in back." While he's throwing a fit as I strap his ridgid body into his car seat I'm thinking, "How do I explain this so he understands?"

"Sol - you're not of legal age."
"Sol- you wouldn't make it out of the garage"
"Sol- I know Grandma let you sit on her lap while she drove in circles around the cul-du-sac, but you weren't really driving"

I settled with "Hey buddy, want some chocolate?"

It did the trick.

Actually, I'm really loving having a 'little boy'. He's amazing and so much fun. He's recently discovered bugs and usually examines them to death, and then says "ouch! sleeping..." He loves to jump and bounce and is currently getting about an inch of air with both feet when he jumps. He's speaking really well and its so fun to learn what big thoughts are in his little head. The other day we had a discussion about the sky and why he couldn't reach it. He wanted to stand on my shoulders/face to try. Sorry buddy. When they say 'Reach for the Stars' they don't mean you'll actually be able to touch them. He's still as sweet as can be, loves to give hugs and kisses and pats on the back. He's our sunshine, what a great kid.

However, if any of you seasoned moms have advice for us as we take on this new challenge please pass it on!

As for baby girl, she's getting big and rolly. I think she kicks my actual organs more than Sol did. He was so high and this gal's much lower. She bounces on my bladder and pokes at other things that kind of make me sick. I'm already having lots of braxton hicks, and remembering how anoying/uncomfotable they can be. Sometimes I stand up to go to the bathroom, and as I do so a contraction starts making my uterus rock hard, which makes it really difficult to walk to the bathroom without 1. peeing my pants or 2. waddling like I'm saddle sore. Awkward.

But she's doing great, everything looks good. 2 months till she's here! I'm so excited to meet this little cherub. For now this is what she looks like:

And I can't leave off an update on my hot sexy beefcakes. Does this picture not just scream "hot sexy beefcake"?
He's loving all the warm weather and has already racked up several miles on both his bikes. Yay for summer!

I'll leave you with this video. Sol loves this song (and who can blame him?! its a classic!) and insists we all dance to it:

and yes, Dave is sporting a 'stache in the video.