Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Super Sauce turns 3!

Sol turned 3! Wahoo! When you ask him how old he is he says "I'm doing good!" So you have to ask him what number he is... "Free". I love it.

He's so much fun now too! He talks A Lot! He told his nursery leader that for his birthday he was getting a Helicopter cake. Hmmm...this was news to me. I thought he might forget - no such luck. So Dave and I had to figure out to make a Helicopter cake that "went round and round and round." In the end this is what we came up with...

We used an airplane cake pan and then chopped the wings off. Then bought a toy helicopter and used it's propeller. I made the white fondant from a recipe I found here. It went surprisingly well. I really had very low expectations for this cake, especially because we were using fondant, but it was surprisingly easy. Maybe it's because I've spent so many hours watching Ace of Cakes... Anyhow, back to the birthday...

We had a birthday party with just dave's family as they were all in town. Sol was thrilled with the cake, the presents (lots of trains and helicopters!), and the people. It was a lot of fun.

I made Sol a superhero cape from this tutorial. It was really easy. Dave's brother even designed a superhero logo for Sol. He's Super Sauce!!! His comment after putting it on and running around the house was, "Wook, I to da wescue!" Pretty awesome.

I'm loving this stage. He's really hard at times, but so often he's so much fun. He's so funny, he cracks us all up all the time. He loves to laugh and play. He's truly our Sol (sunshine).

Ruby looked so pretty, I thought she belonged on top of the cake. My sister in law took several awesome pictures of her. Here's a few:

I'm so lucky. I have such awesome kids. They give me so much love and joy. We have hard days, hard weeks sometimes. They've completely changed my life and I would never go back.

I don't know anyone more genuinely sweet, happy, funny, loving, or caring as my sweet Solomon. He loves everyone. And everyone loves him. :) Happy 3 buddy!