Monday, January 14, 2008

Prego Mego

Prego me at 26 weeks.

I kept forgetting to take a new belly pic so his morning I took one of myself in our bedroom mirror. I'm 26 weeks today! Kind of exciting, kind of scary. I start my 3rd trimester next week. Its crazy how fast this second trimester has gone. The first took FOREVER, but since I've felt better it's flown.

New pregnancy discoveries:

-Feet in ribs: The first time I felt his feet in my ribs I was afraid to move because I thought if I bent the wrong way it would break his little legs. It was really excited though, feeling little feet in your ribs has to be a pregnancy right of passage. NOTE: He's decided that my ribs are the perfect place for his little tosies, they're almost always there.

-Grace is not a word I'd use to describe me: With the increase of blood (40% increase) you body works much harder to do pretty much everything. Hurrying is kind of difficult, I can still speed walk but when I stop I'm huffing and puffing. Don't even ask me to run up a flight of stairs. I can do it but it's not pretty. I can't really slide between narrow spaces any more with any dignity, if my belly fits then my booty doesn't.

-Have you picked a name yet? Don't answer this question! Even if the person doesn't come right out and shoot down your favorites the grimace on their face says plenty. I've learned to just say, "no, not yet".

-Ghetto Booty! I didn't realize that my booty would get so much bigger. Not only does it pop out to off set the major popage going on in the front, it just gets bigger. I just hope this isn't permanent!

Overall I feel great! This pregnancy has been really good. There's still lots to do in the next 3 months, but I have such great family and friends and a really great hubby. I know everything will work out.

Here's a link showing how the baby is developing right now:

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Powder to the People.

Okay, I was waiting to post this because I didn't want to post over the baby pictures like I thought this was more important, but now Megan replaced the baby with kitchen shots, so I think I'm clear. My friend Kevin called me up at like 11pm one night during the Christmas break saying he had a free pass to the Canyons the next day and it just so happened to be snowing like crazy. So I took care of some work stuff, called in sick the next morning, and went.

What a perfect day. I normally don't like skiing The Canyons because the snow isn't as good as other resorts in Utah and it takes forever to get anywhere. However, it does help when you have a free pass, 3 ft of fresh, some locals to show you around, and a friend who's a professional photographer. Here are some of the shots Kevin got of me:

I really like both of them for different reasons. It was a lot of fun to scope out lines and just blow through the powder getting as many face shots as possible.

By the way, everyone should really check out his site, He really is talented and can shoot some great stuff if you ever need a photographer. He has some calendars for sale right now too, you should buy some.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Gift that Keeps on Giving...

I got a lot of really great things this Christmas. Dave always spoils me. However I received one gift that I'm still just giddy over. We finally got a dishwasher! Woohoo! I can't explain how excited I am. My parents gave it to us for Christmas. We decided to put the dishwasher in the back corner of the kitchen where a cupboard is. It would fit perfectly there. After we bought the dishwasher Dave and I were looking at the cupboard discussing how we'd install it, when we saw a big black pipe running through the back of the cupboard. With the size and position of the pipe we determined the dishwasher would stick out from the cupboard about 4 inches. This would not do. But we already had the dishwasher! I was so upset. All that stood between me and a clean, dirty dish free kitchen was a big black pipe, and it wasn't going anywhere. The wall behind the pipe was cement so it couldn't be moved.

We decided to call Tyler, our brother in law who has professionally done custom cabinets for years. He took a look and decided we should just rebuild the entire bottom set of cabinets. The old ones were in pretty bad shape and it would be pointless to try to salvage them. So the weekend after Christmas, he and Dave built all new cabinets and doors. We bought new countertop from Home Depot and this last week we got it all installed. I'm in heaven!!! Not only is the dishwasher installed and running beautifully, but I got all new cabinets to boot! We're going to do the top ones in a few weeks. Here are some pics:

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

"Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Boy"

I finally got my 20 week ultrasound today (even thought I'm actually 24 weeks, its a long story). Because I was further a long we got to see our little guy in great detail because he's bigger and more developed. This picture is amazing, a little profile of his face. While watching this profile we could see him opening and closing his mouth and his little toungue. He was swallowing amiotic fluid... yum.

She measured him and he's about 1 lb 9 oz and just over a foot long. He was sitting in a funny postion. His one hand was up pushing on the placenta. His other hand was tucked into his body. His one leg was up in front of his face, yoga style (takes after mommy) and his other was down kind of indian style. He was sitting right on my bladder. They said every thing looks great. I think he looks amazing. It blows my mind that everything can work so perfectly, that my body make a perfect baby boy.