Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pirated Post: Camping!

Our long time friends(well long time considering "we" have been for 6 years and we've loved the Parkers for 5 years) the Parkers invited us to go camping with them a few weekends ago. Its the perfect set up for a comedy. Parkers would be played by Tom Hanks (1990 version) and Reese Witherspoon (current version) and we would be played by Gerard Butler and Kate Beckensale (for no other reason accept they're hot). Wackyness ensues!

You can read about our camping comedy here on Kristi's blog. Even though there was a lot of crap (at times, literally ;) it's definitely going to be a great memory for us. Thanks guys!!

P.S. Kristi forgot to mention her astounding timing in catching Logan's vomit in a grocery bag approximately 2.6 seconds after he said he didn't feel good. Dave and I still remark on how amazing in was. You've got skills Kris!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Idaho Part 2: Ketchum (who knew)

Who'd have thought a trip to Idaho, our next door state, would have felt so rejuvenating, so relaxing, and just what our family needed. Especially because our trip started with my Grandpa's funeral. But alas, that's what we discovered. I grew up going to Idaho twice a year to visit family. I really enjoyed those trips to the farm. But I'd never spent much time outside of the farm country. After my Grandpa's funeral we went up to Ketchum (Sun Valley) with some friends, sans kids (thanks Michelle and Matthew!) for the weekend. We stayed in the most charming little cabin next to a creek. I spent the whole first day sleeping. I was so worn down emotionally and physically. It felt good to finally let go. Dave had about had it with me and my uptightness. I had gotten so uptight, who knew?! (besides Dave)

(The bunkhouse, where we stayed)

We did some amazing mountain biking at the Sun Valley resort. Epic. We rode through a burned forest full of charred black trees and bright green ground growth. It felt like we were riding through a screen saver. Who knew a 16 mile trip through the sawtooth mountains was just what a burnt out mama needed?! (besides Dave) It reminded me of the beauty of the earth, and that I'm so small.

We did a rafting trip through a section of the Salmon river. It was totally legit! I've been rafting a few times, nothing was quite like this. A member of our group was buddies with our guide so he took us straight through the class 4 rapids. It was awesome! We jumped off a bridge into the freezing water. Who knew this is just what a girl needed to feel so very alive and like super woman?! (besides Dave) Dave sported the GoPro and our friend made this little video from his footage.

Good company, good food, perfect accommodations. Sitting by the creek staring at rushing water for minutes that turn into hours. Biking or walking everywhere. Midnight bike rides to watch fireworks. Sleeping to the lullaby of rushing water. Who knew this is just what this girl needed? Thanks Dave.