Monday, September 29, 2008

he finally stopped crying

I've been looking at some yummy pictures to help me feel better. I thought I'd share...


Dave's Grandparents

chillin at home.

We're working on a schedule so that he has consistent nap times and bed time. Its hard on us both. But it think its working, I'll keep you posted.

My cup feels empty, its been a good, long day. I'm glad its over.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

5:00 AM

Yes I'm up (I wouldn't call this awake) at 5:00am today because after his 5:00am feeding, instead of going back to sleep, which is our normal routine, Sol looked up at me wide eyed, smiled, and let out a squeal. sigh. too cute. maybe if I close my eyes and rock him for a while he'll think i'm asleep and follow suit. nope. he just starred at me waiting for me to crack my eyes to see if he was asleep and then smile and squeal some more. Then he started wiggling out of my arms to get up and play. sigh. really Sol? 5:00 am? This had better not become a habit.

While I'm up I figure I should post about our most recent excursion to Eugene Oregon to visit Dave's parents. What a ball we had! We were all worn out by the time we got home. Here are some pics and a travel log:

We flew on a plane, Sol cried a lot because his ears hurt.

We played and played and played with Grandma.

We all played mini golf and ate pizza by the river to celebrate Lynn's birthday. Happy Birthday Lynn!

This artsy fartsy picture was not staged, in fact the red ball was in motion and just happened to line up with the others right when I took the picture. Lucky shot!

Sol hung out with Grandma.

We went to the coast to remind our selves how small and insignificant we are in the big big world and to smell the ocean breeze.

Handsome boys.

We wrote Sol's name in the sand. Don't worry, he's chewing on his toes, not eating sand.

And then Mike had to have a turn too. Don't worry he's chewing on his toes, not eating sand. :)


We ate Sweet Potatoes, mmmm...

We went rafting down the McKenzie river which was incredibly beautiful by the way. Our guide just happened to be my long lost 1st cousin once removed. Steve Hurst!

We had so much fun, we even both took a turn in the rubber kyack. I thought it was really exhilirating to be so close to the rapids. Scary and tiring but fun.

Hottie hubby.

We visited Crown Point in the Gorge where it was very windy.

Sol was such a great travel buddy! I think he loved seeing all the new places.

We flew back home, Sol in his Bob onsie and Cowboys beenie.

Thanks for such a fun time G&G!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Dave takes a second wife...

in my dream the other night, that is. Actaully he decided not to at the last minute because I started crying saying I didn't want to share him. (Loves huny) Thanks for picking me and Sol.

I also finally broke down and read Twighlight last week (in about 4 days). Its a great book. Not so much for the romance (although thats great) as much for the Vampires. So interesting although I've dreamed about Vampires nearly every night. I'm taking a break before I read the next book.

The crazy pregnancy dreams haven't really stopped post pregnancy. Dreaming can be fun but my dreams are usually bizare and akward. Some mornings I wake up with my head spining because of all the dreams. Any tips on how to dream less?

Oh and I'm pretty sure I'm not ready to live the 'higher law.'

Thursday, September 18, 2008

a bathtime snack...

mmmm, toes.