Monday, April 26, 2010


I'm still so behind on my blog and I'm ready to be caught up. Here's a little slide show of easter pics for your enjoyment.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I've been thinking a lot today about how quickly the last two years has gone. How I strange it felt to call myself "mom," but how I can't imagine life without that title. Its amazing how life changing this last two years has been. I feel overwhelmed at how much love it has required but also given me in return. The thought of having so many more years of this and the thought of having another little one that completely captures my heart is unfathomable to me. I really don't know how my heart can get any bigger, but I don't doubt that it will.

Will I always have such an emotional reflection every time one of my children has a birthday? Its almost exhausting! But its mine and I love it.

Friday, April 9, 2010

a couple weeks ago...

We looked like this. We were getting ready to move to move from Saratoga to our new home in AF. We didn't have much furniture as we'd used my cousins while living in her house. So our house looked like this:
As often happens when securing a mortgage we learned our move would be pushed back a week. So instead of waiting in our big empty home for a week, a week when Dave would be mostly gone at a conference, Sol and I decided to take a trip to Laramie to hang out with G&G for week.

While there we went to look at the trains:
It snowed while we were there (no big surprise) and Sol really wanted to put his feet in the snow. We kept telling him it was too cold for bare feet but he insisted. So...
Sol loves to eat snow. "Margon" (Grandma in Sol speak) would fill a little cup full of snow for sol to snack on in doors where it was warm. He ate cup after cup.

We had a great week in Laramie, very relaxing. My mom came back to Utah with us to help us move. My sister and her kids came to help as well. I needed muscle where I'm pregnant so they were a huge help. My dad came on the weekend when we actually moved all the big stuff. He was a really big help too!

We all enjoyed some Rock Band, kids included:

And then we moved.

(insert fun moving pics here)

I fully intended to document the big event but when it came down to it, taking pictures was never a priority. But we made it! We're all here and so is our stuff. Here's a picture of the view from our front window.

We're so glad to be home.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Solomon Skis.

I'm thrilled to have a guest blogger on my blog today! Please welcome Skimoab from

I'm funny. Do I sound like a crafty blog queen?

I copied this post verbatim from Dave's blog cause I loved his telling of the story. Thanks hun.

You thought I was going to talk about Salomon brand skis, didn't you? Nope, instead i'm looking to enthrall you with a post about Solomon's first day on skis. Sol will be turning 2 on April 15th so I thought it would be cool to get him on skis while he was still 1. Last Thursday morning posed the perfect opportunity with some fresh snowfall and a warm, spring day.

We took him to Nyman's Ski Shop on the way up to sundance where Scott was kind enough to hook us up with some 70cm skis.

Nyman's Ski Shop

There were several steps along the way where I figured he might decide this wasn't for him, the first being after trying out the boots.

Big and Little Ski Boots

He did tip over once, but caught on pretty quick. He's always liked shoes so to him this was just a cool new pair of boots.

Ready to Ski

Sol has watched skiing with me on TV and we talk about it a lot, but he was really fascinated once we got to watch some kids skiing at the base of the hill.

Watching Skiers

He kept saying "Ski?" and was urging us to get going.

Watching a Skier

Once we got the actual skis on him he was a little more hesitant. He definitely wanted to go but knew it was a little over his head.

Sol on Skis

We mostly pulled him along while he tried to balance himself, though he did get a couple of 4-5ft long slides in by himself.

Solomon Snowplow

After 20 minutes or so he decided he had learned enough for the first day.

Solomon Skis

So I took him up the ski lift. I knew it might make him a little nervous but he settled right in and had a blast.

Solomon and Dad on the Ski Lift

He kept pointing out the trees, snow, and mountains.

Solomon on Ski Lift

We rode up to the midway stop on Ray's and I held him as we skied down. He loved skiing through the Magic Forest, the spot just under the lift before you get to the midway stop. He kept laughing and saying "fun?" I did set him down and let him ski a little more on his own, then I carried him the rest of the way down.

Solomon and Dad Skiing

It turned out to be a beautiful day and a lot of fun. We figured at some point he would have lost it, but he had a great time.

Solomon and Mom at Sundance
Sol's First Ski Day

Today I showed him a picture of the trip and he said, "Ski? Fun?" Yes Sol, ski fun.