Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Solomon becomes a "4 boy"!

Solomon has been anticipating, planning, counting down to, obsessing over his birthday since last August when Ruby turned one.  Having to witness, first hand, such spoiling of a sibling is difficult.  I think he channeled his feelings into obsessing over HIS birthday.  Which is a good choice, however its been a long 8 months, especially for a 3 year old!  

When the time finally came Sol planned a Thomas party with a few of his favorite pals.  And he had no hesitations in requesting an elaborate cake by his mother.  I don't know where we set the presidence that birthday cakes are fancy.  I'm no baker but I'm becoming pretty good at the "sheet cake with fancy top" cake.  Thanks to my sis, Michelle and her high school Baskin and Robins skills we whipped out a pretty sweet Thomas cake if I do say so myself. 

 We jumped through all the birthday party hoops.  We had games, which included throw the coal in the engines' baskets, "steamy thomas" (like hot potato) and "Thomas, Thomas, Diesel 10" (like Duck, Duck, Goose)  Super simple - I'm glad I didn't put much thought into these cause the kids were real happy with these simple games.  

 We did presents, colored pictures, and ate cake. 

Contrary to what I believed the last few birthdays, I've learned that less is more!  Especially with preschoolers. 

This was the best picture I got of Ruby.  She and Sol LOVE their uncle Matthew!  Can you see why?

The icing on the cake for Solomon has been his new "Lightening McQueen" bike!  G&G Whipple got him a really cool speedy red bike.  Sol has taken right to it and rides it so well!  

Sol has coined the term "4 boy".  Meaning he's 4 now so he gets to do new things.  Some things are good.  For example "4 boys eat potatoes, not 3 boys but 4 boys do." So he now eats potatoes.  Some times he uses it to get out of stuff.  "4 boys don't have to clean up the toy room."  And he also places other boys in their age cagetigories.  "5 boys go to Kindergarten." 

Solomon is truely a very special boy.  He is so funny.  He's not shy at all.  He talks everyone's ears off.  He assumes everyone loves him and he loves everyone.  Especially his Grandmas.  He is a happy soul, my little ray of sunshine, my sol!