Sunday, May 31, 2009

Why we love Wyoming

When I was in elementary school all the children were taught to sing "We Are Wyoming," a song about Wyoming and why it's such a great state. It goes something like this...

"We are Wyoming, proud and freeeeee, we are what America is meant to be..."

Okay its a pretty cheesy song. But we all sang it and loved it. Any way, during our last trip to Wyoming over Memorial weekend, I kept thinking of all the reasons we love Wyoming. Here are just a few:

1. Beautiful - May is an incredible time to visit because the scenery is green and beautiful. The weather is nice, not summer yet but perfect cool spring weather. And they get great storms, usually in the afternoon. Some of you may remember my fascination with storms.

I took these pictures with my phone on the drive home.

2. Simple - People who live in Wyoming far less materialistic. Stuff is nice but just doesn't mean the same thing it does other places, especially in Utah. In fact if you are flashy with your money most people are pretty turned off. That simplicity is refreshing. Nobody cares what you're wearing, what you're driving, or where you spent your last fabulous vacation. Most are far more comfortable if you're in jeans and a t shirt, driving an old beater, sharing a beer. (Not at the same time, they don't encourage drinking and driving :))

3. Space - There is a lot of room to run around. Wyoming is the least populated state in the country, less than half a million people live in the state. But they like it that way. They don't want a big city with big box stores. Most people who live in Wyoming moved there because of this very reason. And its nice. The sky is huge and you can go for miles with out seeing any civilization. Antelope are another story, they are abundant. :) (The antelope factor doesn't contribute to my love of Wyoming, I could care less either way about them).

Dave took this picture when he rode from Laramie to Cheyenne on his road bike on Happy Jack road. You can read more about his ride here.

4. People - Especially these people.

We really enjoy visiting my parents home. Sol especially.

Thanks for a great weekend Mom, Dad, Michelle and Matthew! See you soon!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i heart gwen.

The first non-country or oldies CD I ever owned was No Doubt Tragic Kingdom. I got it when I turned 15. I loved it! I listened to it in my room with the volume turned up as loud as a dared. It was loud, it was in your face, and I realized that even girls can rock it. Since then I've rocked out to No Doubt and Gwen and love everything they do. I had such a freaking cool night last night. Marcie (pal/aunt) and I went to No Doubt. We had awesome seats on the floor about 40' from the stage. Check it out...

She spe
aks to me. I wish I could be a punk girl singing in a band full of dudes and rock it!

Coolest part of the night? I caught her half full Fiji water bottle when she flung it out into the crowd. I know! That stuff never happens to me! But it did last night. sigh. I feel 15 again, and not the awkward part.

I wrote the post below in a blog I started a long time ago that was more of a personal journal. Its about their song "Simple Kind of Life" and she sang it last night dedicated it to her kids. I kind of teared up when she sang it. I wrote this the week I found out I was pregnant with Sol:

"Simple Kind Of Life"

-No Doubt

For a long time I was in love
Not only in love, I was obsessed
With a friendship that no one else could touch
It didn't work out, I'm covered in shells

And all I wanted was the simple things
A simple kind of life
And all I needed was a simple man
So I could be a wife

I'm so ashamed, I've been so mean
I don't know how it got to this point
I always was the one with all the love
You came along, I'm hunting you down

Like a sick domestic abuser looking for a fight
And all I wanted was the simple things
A simple kind of life

If we met tomorrow for the very first time
Would it start all over again?
Would I try to make you mine?

I always thought I'd be a mom
Sometimes I wish for a mistake
The longer that I wait the more selfish that I get
You seem like you'd be a good dad

Now all those simple things are simply too complicated for my life
How'd I get so faithful to my freedom?
A selfish kind of life
When all I ever wanted was the simple things
A simple kind of life

I love Gwen. I've heard this song a few times the last couple days and it's made me think a lot about how each of us really just wants 'a simple kind of life'. There are so many things the world tells us that we should want and go after to be a real person. To be 'AWESOME.' Often times its money, adventure, travel, fashion, lovers, etc. But when we look at our heart of hearts, don't we all want a simple kind of life.

True love and companionship, to be someone's everything, to be a mom or dad, to buy tiny baby socks, to have a 4th of July Barbeque with the neighbors, to sit on the porch and drink lemonade. I dare say everyone that walks this earth has a secret desire to have just a little bit of this life. For some reason this dream isn't worthy of our time any more. Specifically, I've felt embarassed that I want so badly to have a baby. It's not a worthy dream! A worthy dream would be to have a glamorous career, jetting around the country in tight sexy business suites with 7 different electronics strapped to my person. Now that is a dream worth going for! (said semi-sarcastically)

I've struggled to walk that line between a simple life and a sexy marketing career- and trust me, it can be sexy to me. I think I could get really excited for the next 5 years or so about pursuing a career, moving up the corporate ladder, and really enjoy myself. But I know, after 5 years or more went by, i'd be singing it with Gwen, pink hair and all, "I always thought, I'd be a mom..." I can't wait to buy some tiny socks. :)

Thanks for reading through all my ramblings. Afterall, I'm just a girl. Thanks for an awesome night Marcie and Gwen.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Starting Today, We're on Holiday

I realize I haven't taken many pictures lately. I hit the 1 year mark with Sol and got lazy I guess. Luckily Ben and Kris have a super nice camera and took lots of great pictures when we went to Bear Lake this weekend. The boys completed the Bear Lake Classic again. Way to go guys! To hear more about the race click here.

Now for some pics!Boys getting ready, we stayed in that little cabin behind them, nice and cozy :)

Lining up...

Waiting at the finish...Go Dad!!!
Parkers at the finish. Dave finished 40 minutes faster than he did last year. What a stud.

At the beach, it was kind of cold so we just looked at the water.

Kris and I laying in the warm sand. Mmm... feels good!
Yes it was in our hair, we didn't care.

Sauce (as Logan calls him).

The boys.

There was this really cool park in Garden city, and this really cool park had really cool stuff, including this giant swing. It was awesome. I think its for disabled adults to swing.

I love the pic above.

We all had to take turns.

Handsome boy.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Interests Divided

Check out our new blogs:



Daves pretty much freaken rocks. Mine still needs some work. But we both wanted an outlet to write about our individual passions (don't worry, not our passions for each other). I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


This is the face my lil sis and I make to show we are tired without having to make the effort to actually say, "I'm tired." So there you go.

Another round of herpangina. This spring is seriously finding ways to torture me that I didn't know were possible, like Sol getting herpangina twice. This time its been worse. Poor little buddy.

Do any of you mommies get in the mode of not sleeping and then find it hard to sleep even when you can? Its like my body goes into 'awake' mode to listen for the little guy and I just never sleep. Its wearing me down. Is it too late to take an ambien at 5:00 am?

On the bright side the weather has been amazing and being outside has saved us both. Yesterday we took a nice bike ride down the lake. We stopped and threw the stick for ella. Sol loved saying "Ella!" and "Dood dirl" over and over. He even collected a few sticks himself. Thank goodness for spring.