Friday, January 27, 2012

Ski Sol

Dave loves to ski. I knew from the time we were dating that the slopes would be his mistress. The one mistress I would allow. So little Sol has been programed from birth to love the mountains, the snow, and skis. Dave took him up skiing Thursday. This was Sol's 4th time skiing. We took him once when he was 1. And twice last year when he was 2. Previous ski sessions have been fun but not much in the way of Sol skiing. He's just been too small. However, this year he is a skiing fool! He went two times up the rope tow and twice up the main lift. Dave didn't have to hold him up or catch him. He fell a few times but really did it own his own.

Sol got his own pass! Just like dad. He was so thrilled that he had his very own ski pass with HIS picture on it. See!
And he's free till he's 6. Bonus for us!

Way to go buddy. You are a super skier Sol!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas Morning 2011

I didn't take a ton of pics Christmas morning or day. I caught a stomach flu Christmas eve that left me feeling pregnant all day Christmas. (I actually appreciated the reminder... so NOT ready to be pregnant again!) But these are a few of my faves that capture the essence of the morning. Magic.

In this video Sol had opened all his presents and while he was pretty happy with everything he still hadn't seen his Cars2 Geotrax. THE gift. The one he's fixated on since September. Santa had hidden it! Tricky Santa!

This is a video of Ruby saying Merry Christmas. I love her sleepy, happy look.

Merry Christmas All!