Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hey Hermano!

So there's going to be an

Arrested Development Movie!

I can't wait! I guess all the DVD sales proved that there is still a demand and that this was one of the best shows ever made. Hopefully they get it right.

Bring it On!

I found out how many 5 year olds I could take in a fight. I think this test is skewed though, I could take way more than 22.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Dear Honey,
Thanks so much for taking me to the rockin' John Mayer concert. I had a blast! He's so amazing and I felt so hot standing next to my sepsy husband. You made me feel like we were young and dating again. Love you.


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Farmer's Market

I learned today the entire Farmers Market experience makes me happy! Solomon and I went to Provo's farmers market today for the first time. It's quite small still but still had great stuff. There's something about fresh local organic produce, homemade tye-dyed onsies, authentic carne asada, and other such goodness that puts a girl in a great mood! I plan to be a regular now if just for the produce. Its a little bit hippie, and I like that. In fact there was a booth there promoting co-op living. So fun.

Check out your local farmers market!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

"Country boys and girls gettin' down on the farm!"

If you get the chance check out Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point - so fun! Its only $3.50 for adults and kids 2 and under are free and you get a free pony ride to boot! We used our cute nephew Joshua as an excuse for all of us grown ups to pet the rooster, ride the pigs, and feed the cows.


Soli in his Bumbo. These things are the best! He's been able to sit in it since he was about 6 weeks old but know he's actually enjoys it. He wants to be upright all the time either sitting or standing. He's just starting to grab things and put them in his mouth. He has to concentrate really hard, so adorable to watch!

Picture of the week...

Cuddly Daddy

Sol's First 4th

We had a fun, relaxing 4th of July for Sol's first Independence Day. We're learning to move at his pace and it's kind of nice sometimes to just slow down and enjoy things. As you can see, we were all dressed for the occasion, including Sol.

My mom was in town from Eugene for a couple weeks so we spent a lot of time up in Kaysville. Megan, Sol, my Brother Mike, and I made it up there just in time to see the parade. The weather was supposed to be super hot, but it ended up being fairly cloudy with a small breeze, so the weather was beautiful.

After the parade, we just hung out at my Sister Lisa's house and then later on went to the Kaysville fireworks. Sol had a fun time and loved his first Independence Day. We were worried that the fireworks would scare him but he was fascinated and loved them.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Anniversary San Diego Style

For our 3 year anniversary we decided to take a last minute trip to San Diego. We both LOVE it there and Dave got a great deal because it was booked last minute. We left Saturday morning and flew directly to San Diego. Sol was a champ and slept the whole way. Our hotel had a free shuttle to the airport, Sea World, and the Zoo, so they picked us up. As soon as we got settled we took off for Sea World. It was very busy and VERY hot! Surprisingly hot actually. We nearly melted. We hung out for a couple of hours in the Penguin house just to beat the heat. We saw a lot of the smaller stuff Saturday because it was so busy. We planned to come back Monday when it was less busy.

Sunday we went to the Zoo. The San Diego Zoo is so beautiful. There are so many trees and plants that provide shade, and the animals are so incredible. We had to take things more slowly and Sunday because Sol wasn't feeling very well. We did a lot of sitting but we still had a great time an were happy we went.

Monday we did a Trolly tour of San Diego. It took you all over the city and you could get off and on at several stops. We got off on Coronado and spent a few hours. Coronado is so beautiful. We walked around the Hotel Del Coronado for a while. Its a big gorgeous hotel that was built in the late 1800's. Its right on the beach and they let non-guests walk around and enjoy it. This was probably my favorite part of the trip. We got to put little Sol's feet in the surf, he seemed to like it (he didn't cry, that means he liked it right?). I wished we had worn our suits to swim because the ocean water was quite warm. After Coronado we headed back to Sea World. It was a great trip. Thanks for planning it Dave! Happy 3 years!