Thursday, August 28, 2008

Family Reunion

We spent last week in Idaho for a family reunion and play time. It was a badly needed break for Dave and I and we complete enjoyed it! We went to a cabin south of McCall ID for the first part of the week for the Glen Whipple Family Reunion. Then we spent the rest of the week in Burley with extended family and skiing on the river. Here are some pics, okay lots of pics :

Sol taking a break during our drive. He hates (no I'm not exagerating) his carseat. :)

Sweet yummy smiles!
Daddy and Sol. Such handsome guys.

Sol grabbing his toes

Grandma talking to Sol, Sol loves his Grandma! Sol rides in his pack on the way to our day camp site at Payette Lake.

Hottie Dave at Payette Lake in McCall


River by the cabin, so beautiful. Its like therapy.

We took a swim

Princess Madelyn

Grandpa, Madelyn, and Mason dancing on the deck. Again, sooo beautiful. (sigh)

Matthew and Michelle, our lovely hosts. Michelle cooked all the food and it was so delicious and satisfying.

Sol fell in love with my cousin's daughter, Abigail. He spent this entire evening being very fussy until she came in and started talking to him. She has such a calm spirit, they totally connected. It was really cool. Even when she was holding him, and he was half sliding off her lap his eyes were glued to hers. He had this silly smile on his face. They must have known each other in the preexistence.

I am in love with these eyes.

Sol at the river.

Blue Eyes

Total Sick Dave!
Michelle's birthday party, she's 25!

Mason helping Michelle blow out the candles

Mason eying the cake.

My pretty Grandma, serving cake.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


My sweet little infant that just laid there and smiled is no longer. I know have a sweet squirmy wiggly wild man who is determined to crawl! He's growing up too fast! He can spin in a circle on his tummy and inch his way along the floor to get a toy. He's still pretty frustrated at his lack of coordination but he's determined to get it right. I get the feeling he wont give up until he's a 'big boy'. I miss my little lump...but he's more fun than ever. :)

Pictures coming soon...

Monday, August 4, 2008

one handed post

I seem to have lost the use of one of my hands/arms about 3 months ago. Which hand? It varies. what ever hand isn't occupied by Sol.

Here are some recent pics...What have you got there mom?

not too sure...

Handsome boys headed to church
now sucking/chewing his thumb. he pulled it out right when we snapped the picture.
New toy! He actually really likes it!

can you tell he's teething?

Sol attended his first baseball game, we saw the Bees. He was happy as long as we were on the grass by out field. Love his blue eyes.
We're doing great!

(i typed all of this one handed as sol issleeping in my arm)