Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dear Sweet Little Miss Ruby Jane,

You are a delight. Six months ago you came to us on a very stormy night. The lightning was incredible. You're dad and I sat and watched it as long as I could stand. Your labor was very short. 3 hours start to finish. Ouch. That's kind of how you are. You decide what you want and you go for it... with intensity.

You're a beautiful little thing. You're stunning in fact. You're eyes are big and blue, and your cheeks are oh so yummy. You love getting kisses and snuggles. And you're pretty great at giving them too.

You are strong. Girl, you have incredible strength! I've received several distinct impressions of this from the time you were just a little embryo. Strong and silent. You watch and learn.

You don't give your sweet little smiles away for nothing. So when we get them it thrills us. You love your brother so much. You watch him and if you could you'd run around with him all day long. He can make you laugh better than anyone else. He's pretty awesome, you've got a great role model.

You LOVE water. Love. You turn into a little fish when you get in the water, a thrashy, splashy, happy little fish.

And you love food! You're new excitement in life. You want to eat and drink whatever we're eating or drinking. And you like to feed yourself. Independent.

You are a darling child. We love you so very much. You are the perfect complement to our family. Happiest six months!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Solomon Skis

Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Sometimes we're naughty"

I totally lost it with Sol this morning only because I was stressed and he was being difficult. We were in a hurry and I snapped at him. I immediately had one of those out of body experiences where I was watching myself be this grouchy mean mom and felt terrible.

And then Sol says "I"m sorry mommy," and then immediately tells himself "It's okay." Then I told him I was really sorry and that I would try to be nicer. He said "Its okay mommy, some times we're naughty." Gosh. He's so quick to forgive. I love that little guy. We're not perfect. We do our best. And lucky for us we have such amazing little treasures that love us no matter what.

(Marci, if you read this post and think it sounds familiar, I decided to post this little story after leaving the comment on your blog. Thanks for being so inspiring.)