Monday, September 27, 2010

Sweating with the swiss, rocking with the band, hiking with goblins, whitey tighties, and Ruby

I haven't been in blog mode lately, I guess I'm trying to get used to life with two kids. Not to mention life without auntie Michelle. She was here for the last 6 weeks doing a medical rotation for her Physician's Assistant schooling. She was such a huge help. Sol and Ruby were head over heals for her. So here are some highlights and pics from the last 6 weeks:

Swiss Days! So everyone rave's about Swiss Days in Midway Utah. We've missed it several times but this year we were able to go. "How was it," you ask?

This picture describes it well. It was HOT. And it was very crowded. Our kids nearly melted. And the lines for food were so long that we didn't get to try any of the food we'd heard so much about. The pie and ice cream were yummy.

The craft booths were amazing but again, they were SO crowded that we couldn't really look much.
We actually had to ride a shuttle to the event. Parking near the event was impossible to find.

We were able to cool down in the air conditioned basement while rocking as a band.

Sol sings...

And plays drums.

He's rather intense about the drumming.

Well, until he find something more fun to do with those sticks.

These are our groupies.

So on our way back from Lake Powell we stopped at Goblin Valley. We'd both heard about it but never been there. Its right off the road so we stopped to do some 'esploring.'

Dave got several awesome pics of Sol. He was in heaven here. Dirt, rocks, and lots of 'esplorin.'
I'm actually in this picture, can you find me?

I love his little hips in this pic. He's a boy on a mission.
Solomon the Giant.


I haven't said much about Ruby. It's cause she's so awesome! She hardly ever cries. She's so happy and chill. I love this picture cause I have a picture of me at this age asleep on my dad's lap while he was also sleeping.

We also enjoyed a great day at the Gardens at Thanksgiving Point with friend Logan and his mom and bro.
Here are our white trash kids. :) We forgot swimies.

The huge sandbox ate up like an hour of time. We couldn't get the boys away from it!

And this last picture I took just today. Here's our sweet beautiful Ruby.
Sorry for the ultra long picture post. We're really enjoying life as four.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

How to take a vacation if you only have 24 hours.

1. Drive to Lake Powell one evening after work. Get there about midnight.

2. Board a beautiful 73' house boat and get a great nights sleep. You're kids have to be amazing sleepers like mine. And a little benadryl helps too.

3. First thing in the morning leave the marina to find a place to park the boat and play.

NOTICE: This next step is important, if it's excluded you'll fail to complete your vacation in 24 hours.

4. While attempting to park the boat, the driver should accidentally hit some large rocks that are hidden well beneath the surface of the water.

5. Damage to the lovely houseboat should be significant enough that you'll hear the words "Grab the buckets boys, we're bailing water!"

6. Quickly repack your bags while the boat is towed back to the marina. Be sure to get off the boat when its at the dock before the pull it out of the water. Otherwise you'll be passing your babies down and scaling the side of the boat while its trailored. It will be at least 10 feet above your head.

7. Load up the car with babies and all your stuff, and head home. You should get home about 24 hours from the time you left the day before.

Unfortunately you won't have any pictures to show for your vacation as the excitement and adventures will keep you too busy to have time to get your camera out. But the memories will last forever.

Sad. We would have had such a fun weekend. Maybe next year. :(