Saturday, July 20, 2013

Introducing Baby Blaze!

First off, it's been quite a long dry spell on this little bloggy blog. Is anyone still checking this thing? ...(crickets).... Well I know my mom will read this. :) thank goodness for moms.

What better way to make a comeback than to announce the creation of coming of Cook kiddie #3!

Solomon has lovingly named our sweet little peanut baby Blaze. I kind of think our newest little man would love the name because a. It's a super macho tough boys name and b. His awesome older brother made it up.  Oh and yes baby is a boy! We're so excited for more planes, trains, light sabers and nerf guns! ruby girl is a little disappointed and hopes that maybe "Blaze" will still turn out to be a girl.  Hmmm, maybe those boy goods will turn out to be a coincidentally positioned thumbs up? Keep hoping Rubs!

I think it's important to mention that Dave and I will NOT be naming baby boy Blaze. Sorry Sol. We don't want him to become a magician or cage fighter which is pretty much the only occupations you can take up with a name like that. Name is still to be determined...

Baby is due December 1st.  We are so excited for our family to grow +1. We think our kids are awesome. And we're sure #3 will be no different!

So I wanted to make a quick update on Sol and Ruby since its been so long:

5 year old Sol has had a little bit of a personality change. He is a wild man.  He's constantly fighting bad guys (especially those from the dark side!) wrestling anyone who will wrestle with him including  sometimes those who won't (ruby,mom, grandma...) playing sports, pushing boundaries, and all other delightful 5 year old boy behaviors. When he's not going full tilt he's still very sweet and smart. He's started reading, he's so excited to start kindergarten cause he gets to play at the park (playground) every day. Sweet huh!  He's very excited to have a little bro and frequently gives pep talks to "Blaze" through my belly. We are learning to embrace the wild man Sol and still loving his sweet thoughtful inquisitive personality.

Almost 3 year old Ruby is so fun and so funny. She is bursting with expression, character, and all things girl. She is a happy soul. She loves the following:
Wip (lip) stick
Having her nails painted and reprinted


Helping mommy get ready
Her Grandmas
Grandpas hot tub
Her babysitters

Wow, I could go on and on. She came with a lot of passion and that trait has seemed to only grow. Her excitement for life is contagious. She's such a little fireball of passion and love. From her moms perspective this girl will move mountains.n


darlajean's dream said...

So happy you took up the pen again! Love your writings and love Grandbabies...Keep em comin!!! :)