Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Goodbye for now Grumpa

Dave's sweet Grumpa passed away last week. We will miss him so much. We got these pictures the last time we saw him, this summer at his 80th birthday party. He was a perfect grandpa or "Grumpa" as they've always called him. He loved people. And people loved him, he was an instant friend. We love you Grumpa! And we'll miss you so much!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

We are all moved into our new home. Its actually really great! Its so big. I'm not bragging, its just the truth. Way bigger than we can fill. Its nice to have so much room. I'm afraid we'll be spoiled living here the next few months.

We got an early Christmas present, a camera! Thanks to Dave shopping the early sales on black friday we got a great little camera. I'm used to not having a camera so after uploading the pictures from the week I realized I've gotten out of the habit of taking them. I thought you might enjoy a few that I did get.

Christmas came a little early for Sol too. G&GW gave him a rocking horse. Sol LOVES his new 'see see'. I wanted them to see him get it so they gave it to him while they were here for Thanksgiving.

Christmas tree hunting at a local lot. Right after this he tripped and smacked his head on the pavement. So sad. Our hunt ended quickly after that.

We had a really nice thanksgiving here with my family. We got to see Dave's parents too as they were in town. Lots of great family!